From sarf (expenditure) +‎ -la +‎ -moq.






  1. to spend
    U bizning barcha pulimizni sarfladi.
    He spent all our money.
  2. to expend
  3. to use up


Conjugation of sarflamoq (see also Appendix:Uzbek verbs)
tense participle
positive negative positive negative
singular plural1 singular plural1
nominal non-finites
infinitive sarflamoq sarflamamoq
gerund simpl sarflay sarflamay, sarflamasdan
past sarflab
comp sarflash
present simpl 1st sarflayman sarflaymiz sarflamayman sarflamaymiz sarflayotgan sarflamayotgan
2nd sarflaysan sarflaysiz sarflamaysan sarflamaysiz
3rd sarflaydi sarflaydilar sarflamaydi sarflamaydilar
cont A 1st sarflayapman sarflayapmiz sarflamayapman sarflamayapmiz
2nd sarflayapsan sarflayapsiz sarflamayapsan sarflamayapsiz
3rd sarflayapdi sarflayapdilar sarflamayapdi sarflamayapdilar
cont B2 1st sarflayotirman sarflayotirmiz sarflamayotirman sarflamayotirmiz
2nd sarflayotirsan sarflayotirsiz sarflamayotirsan sarflamayotirsiz
3rd sarflayotir sarflayotirlar sarflamayotir sarflamayotirlar
cont C 1st sarflamoqdaman sarflamoqdamiz sarflamamoqdaman sarflamamoqdamiz
2nd sarflamoqdasan sarflamoqdasiz sarflamamoqdasan sarflamamoqdasiz
3rd sarflamoqda sarflamoqdalar sarflamamoqda sarflamamoqdalar
perf 1st sarflaganman sarflaganmiz sarflamaganman sarflamaganmiz sarflaydigan sarflamaydigan
2nd sarflagansan sarflagansiz sarflamagansan sarflamagansiz
3rd sarflagan sarflaganlar sarflamagan sarflamaganlar
past def 1st sarfladim sarfladik sarflamadim sarflamadik sarflagan sarflamagan
2nd sarflading sarfladingiz sarflamading sarflamadingiz
3rd sarfladi sarfladilar sarflamadi sarflamadilar
indef 1st sarflabman sarflabmiz sarflamabman sarflamabmiz
2nd sarflabsan sarflabsiz sarflamabsan sarflamabsiz
3rd sarflabdi sarflabdilar sarflamabdi sarflamabdilar
future indef 1st sarflarman sarflarmiz sarflamasman sarflamasmiz sarflar sarflamas
2nd sarflarsan sarflarsiz sarflamassan sarflamassiz
3rd sarflar sarflarlar sarflamas sarflamaslar
def3 1st sarflayajakman sarflayajakmiz sarflamayajakman sarflamayajakmiz
2nd sarflayajaksan sarflayajaksiz sarflamayajaksan sarflamayajaksiz
3rd sarflayajak sarflayajaklar sarflamayajak sarflamayajaklar
oblig 1st sarflaydiganman sarflaydiganmiz sarflamaydiganman sarflamaydiganmiz
2nd sarflaydigansan sarflaydigansiz sarflamaydigansan sarflamaydigansiz
3rd sarflaydigan sarflaydiganlar sarflamaydigan sarflamaydiganlar
  1st sarflasam sarflasak sarflamasam sarflamasak
2nd sarflasang sarflasangiz sarflamasang sarflamasangiz
3rd sarflasa sarflasalar sarflamasa sarflamasalar
1st sarflamoqchiman sarflamoqchimiz sarflamoqchi + emas + person suffix
2nd sarflamoqchisan sarflamoqchisiz
3rd sarflamoqchi sarflamoqchilar
  1st sarflay! sarflaylik! sarflamay! sarflamaylik!
2nd sarfla! (formal -ing) sarflangiz! sarflama! sarflamangiz!
3rd sarflasin! sarflasinlar! sarflamasin! sarflamasinlar!
Compound tenses:

1Third person plural forms are commonly replaced by the third person singular.
2Almost never used in colloquial speech.
3Rarely used.