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From self +‎ -like. Compare selfly.


selflike (comparative more selflike, superlative most selflike)

  1. Exactly similar; corresponding.
  2. Of or pertaining to self or one's self; personal; individual; own.
    • 2005, Thomas Seifrid, The word made self:
      But this is precisely what Shpet does: he projects onto the "word-concept" selflike qualities that are by no means necessarily foreseen in Husserl, suggesting at once that our selves are structured like it and that it is a kind of self [...]
    • 2007, William McNeill, The Time of Life: Heidegger and Ethos:
      The specific capacities belong to and are regulated by the organism itself as a whole: it is the organism as a whole that appears to be constituted by this selflike nature.
  3. Selfish; self-centered.
    • 2004, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Arnold V. Miller, J. N. Findlay, Hegel's Philosophy of Nature:
      Because the selflike (selbstische) universality, the subjective One (Bins) of the individuality, does not separate itself from the real particularization but is only submerged in it, [...]
    • 2007, Jesaiah Ben-Aharon, The New Experience of the Supersensible:
      The selflike being of man, becoming independent, now stands as an obstacle in the way of further development of the building process.