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sheep +‎ dog


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sheepdog (plural sheepdogs)

  1. A breed of dog, used for herding sheep.
  2. A breed of dog used for guarding sheep.
  3. (slang, dated) A chaperon; an adult who accompanies other people in a supervisory role.
  4. (US, slang, law enforcement) A police officer.



sheepdog (third-person singular simple present sheepdogs, present participle sheepdogging, simple past and past participle sheepdogged)

  1. To chaperon or shepherd.
    • 1999, David Weber, Echoes of Honor, Baen Publishing Enterprises (→ISBN):
      Given the vivacious young redhead's attractiveness, some might have assumed he had more than simply professional reasons for sheepdogging her career, but they would have been wrong. He'd seen something in her ...
    • 2009, Carl M. Cannon, Lou Dubose, Jan Reid, Boy Genius: Karl Rove, the Architect of George W. Bush's Remarkable Political Triumphs, PublicAffairs (→ISBN):
      On June 14, with Kennedy personally sheepdogging it, the No Child Left Behind Act passed the Senate ninety-one to eight.