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Etymology edit

Borrowed from Latin strātum.[1][2] Compare Romanian strat.

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Noun edit

shtrat m (plural shtretër, definite shtrati, definite plural shtretërit)

  1. bed
  2. bedstead, bed of a cart or wagon, riverbed, seedbed, hotbed, bed of termites
  3. layer, stratum
  4. base, pad, supporting platform, especially for a watchman, fisherman, or gun
  5. arbor-like frame for supporting vine plants or drying tobacco
  6. (botany) receptacle for the floral organs on a flower stalk
  7. gelatinous layer of microorganisms that forms in vinegar
  8. (medicine) scab
  9. (anatomy) placenta
  10. (figurative, colloquial) conjugal relation, man and wife

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References edit

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