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From Latin strātum (a spread for a bed, coverlet, quilt, blanket; a pillow, bolster; a bed), neuter singular of strātus, perfect passive participle of sternō (spread).



stratum (plural stratums or strata)

  1. One of several parallel horizontal layers of material arranged one on top of another.
  2. (geology) A layer of sedimentary rock having approximately the same composition throughout.
  3. Any of the regions of the atmosphere, such as the stratosphere, that occur as layers.
  4. (biology) A layer of tissue.
  5. A class of society composed of people with similar social, cultural, or economic status.
  6. (ecology) A layer of vegetation, usually of similar height.
  7. (computing) The level of accuracy of a computer's clock, relative to others on the network.
    • 2006, Roderick W. Smith, Linux Samba Server Administration
      Computers that synchronize themselves to the stratum 1 time servers are known as stratum 2 time servers if they allow others to synchronize to them, and so on.


  • (layer of material arranged one on top of another): tier
  • (layer of sedimentary rock): bed, layer

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From strātus, perfect passive participle of sternō (spread).



strātum n (genitive strātī); second declension

  1. a bed-covering, coverlet, quilt, blanket
  2. a pillow, bolster
  3. a bed, couch
  4. a horse-blanket, saddle-cloth
  5. a pavement
  6. accusative singular of strātum
  7. vocative singular of strātum


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative strātum strāta
genitive strātī strātōrum
dative strātō strātīs
accusative strātum strāta
ablative strātō strātīs
vocative strātum strāta




  1. supine of sternō


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    • (ambiguous) a street, a made road: via strata
    • (ambiguous) to prostrate oneself before a person: ad pedes alicuius iacēre, stratum esse (stratum iacēre)
    • (ambiguous) all have perished by the sword: omnia strata sunt ferro