Yiddish שטרײַמל ‎(shtrayml)


shtreimel ‎(plural shtreimels or shtreimlech)

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  1. A fur hat worn by many married Haredi Jewish men on Shabbat and during Jewish holidays and other festive occasions.
    • 2007 August 19, Nicole Krauss, “The Walker and the Walk”[1], New York Times:
      My idea of a walk, influenced by Kazin and honed over these last nine years that I’ve lived in New York, involves a freewheeling thoughtfulness powered by the legs but fed by observation, a physical and mental stream of consciousness nudged this way and that by an infinite number of human variables: an old man doing his esoteric exercises, a lone glove dropped in the middle of a snowy sidewalk, an Orthodox Jew in a shtreimel.
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