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Alternative formsEdit


This word has the same origin as the verb skaust (to envy, to (be)grudge) (q.v.) and the adjective skaudrs (sharp, acute, biting): the Proto-Indo-European stem *skaud-, *skud- (with an extra -r, yielding Proto-Baltic *skudr-). The original meaning was therefore “that which cuts, pierces, bites.” Cognates include Lithuanian skudrùs (quick, crafty; sharp, cutting).[1]


skudra m

  1. (dialectal form) genitive singular form of skudrs

skudra f (4th declension)

  1. ant (many species of insects from the family Formicidae, usually forming big colonies)
    melnā skudrablack ant
    lielā dzeltenā skudrabig yellow ant
    sarkanās, rūsganās skudrasred, rusty ants
    meža skudrasforest ants
    skudru pūznisanthill
    skudru oliņasant eggs
    skudru spirtsant alcohol (a solution of formic acid in ethanol)
    čakls kā skudraindustrious as an ant



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