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Etymology 1Edit

From Latin quod videās,[1] or from quod vidē (literally which see),[2] from quod (the neuter of quī (what)) + vidē the w:imperative mood of videō (I see), or videās, the second-person present subjunctive of the same verb.


q.v. (not comparable)

  1. quod vide (plural quae vide); which see; used to reference material mentioned in text.
    This is described in more detail in Brown’s book on the subject (q.v.).
Alternative formsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

From Latin quantum (as much as) + vīs (you want, you wish), the second person singular active indicative form of volo (I want, I wish).


q.v. (not comparable)

  1. (in prescriptions) as much as you wish


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  1. quod vidē (which see)