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spazz out


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spazz out (third-person singular simple present spazzes out, present participle spazzing out, simple past and past participle spazzed out)

  1. (slang, intransitive) To lose one's physical or emotional control
    • 1994, Gerald R. Weeks, Larry Hof, The Marital-Relationship Therapy Casebook: Theory and Application of the Intersystem Model, Psychology Press, ISBN 0876307330, page 213,
      “If you'd adjust your schedule and not try to do everything for everybody, you wouldn't ‘spazz out',” he told her.
    • 1996, Stefan Bechtel, Larry Stains, Sex: A Man's Guide, Rodale, ISBN 0875962998, page 463,
      Oh, there are a few control freaks out there who might spazz out: "We are the aggressor and enjoy control," says one employee benefits manager.
    • 2003, Marilyn Decker, Family of Tragedy, Xlibris Corporation, ISBN 1401095666, page 39,
      You say your father is courteous and makes friendly conversation. Well, if you only knew his true feelings, you would spazz out! He was so angry with your letter!
    • 2006, Linda Chute Shaw, A Legacy of Faith: A Journey Through ALS, AuthorHouse, ISBN 1425920896, page 61,
      Now before some of you spazz out, be assured my kids know I cry and they wipe the tears away.