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Clipping of moustache or mustache.

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stache (plural staches)

  1. (informal) Moustache, mustache.
    • 2003, The New York Times, "Don't Wanna Grow Up Cuz Puberty Isn't Funny", July 28, 2003:
      Only one show has succeeded in keeping a kid in the lead for a decade: "The Simpsons" with the animated Bart Simpson. Watching Bart never mature is considered a key to its enduring appeal. "Early on, I know that the powers that be decided that no one would age," said Tim Long, the show's current head writer. "A kid with a starter ‘stache, that would just be unpleasant," he added.
    • 2005, The New York Times, "Democrats Still Searching for a Stronger Challenger", May 23, 2005:
      [The candidate] may face an entirely different challenge in his quest for the mayoralty: his mustache. [...] The perils of the ‘stache may be hard to define, but analysts say that looks matter in politics, where facial hair is frequently considered verboten.