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From Ancient Greek στιχάριον ‎(stikhárion).


sticharion ‎(plural sticharions or sticharia)

  1. The outer clerical garb worn by clergy in the Greek Orthodox Church, corresponding to the alb in catholic churches.
    • The sticharion is a long, full sleeved tunic that reaches the ankles. Since no other vestment is worn over the deacon's sticharion, it is usually made of the same vestment material as the priest's phelonion. The garment is symbolic of a pure and tranquil conscience, a spotless life, and the spiritual joy in the Lord in him who wears it. [1]
    • The sticharion, which is held by the zone, or girdle, corresponds to the alb. Copyright 1994-1998 Encyclopaedia Britannica CD 98 Multimedia Edition
    • 1972 ";a little band of marchers displays Greek Orthodox outfits, the rhason and sticharion, the epitrachelion and the epimanikia, the sakkos, the epigonation, the zone, the omophorion; they brandish icons and enkolpia, dikerotikera and dikanikion. Robert Silverberg:Thomas the Proclaimer: Agberg Ltd. This edition in 'Sailing to Byzantium' September 2000 ibooks inc. P232.


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