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Used in this form in the Bible translation of 1541. From Middle Low German streke, from Old Saxon *striki, from Proto-Germanic *strikiz, from Proto-Indo-European *streyg-. Cognate with Norwegian strik, Danish streg, corresponding to Gothic striks, Middle Low German streke, Middle High German and German Strich, related to German verb streichen and English strike.

A separate loan is the sense as a rope, from Old High German stric, German Strick, Middle Low German strik.



streck n

  1. a dash, a hyphen, a line
    ett streck i räkningen
    a miscalculation, an unforeseen obstacle
    att dra ett streck
    to draw a line, to finish
    streck i debatten
    end of discussion, no more questions or speakers admitted


Declension of streck 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative streck strecket streck strecken
Genitive strecks streckets strecks streckens

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