suited and booted



Chosen for the rhyme.


suited and booted (not comparable)

  1. (Britain, colloquial) Dressed smartly.
    • 2003, Tony Parsons, Man and Wife: A Novel,
      A couple of suited and booted business types appeared by my side, tossing peanuts into their mouths and gawking at the screens as though they had never seen a television before. But they couldn't be from the TV station or any of the production companies that made the shows, because they were far too formally dressed.
    • 2006, Badri Narayan, Women heroes and Dalit assertion in north India: culture, identity and politics:
      The image was that of a suited and booted, westernized gentleman holding a copy of the Constitution in one hand. This image appeared to the common Dalits as a symbol of awareness through education and the fight for a better future. It also helped deconstruct the stereotypical notion of Dalits as being oppressed, suppressed and illiterate.
    • 2007, Flores Alexander Forbes, Elaine Brown, Will You Die with Me?: My Life and the Black Panther Party,
      When Bobby and Elaine showed up at a candidate's night or event or at just another speaking engagement, the chairman was wearing a suit and tie and Elaine was suited and booted in a dress, heels, the whole nine yards.