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tap into

  1. To establish a connection with (something), especially in order to take advantage.
  2. To access (a resource or object).
    When he ran out of money, he decided to tap into his trust fund.


  • 19 December 2014, Paul M Farber in The Guardian Online, Die-ins demand that we bear witness to black people's fears that they'll be next
    Though the current wave of die-ins began after grand juries in Ferguson and New York City refused to indict the cops who used lethal force against Michael Brown and Eric Garner, they tap into a deep well of what professor Salamishah Tillet calls “civic estrangement” from a state that ignores excessive police violence against black and brown people.
  • 2004 Mark-Anthony Falzon - Cosmopolitan Connections: The Sindhi Diaspora
    A significant number of Sindhi businesses in London tap into their connections with India and elsewhere to cater for the 'ethnic niche' market.