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A football (soccer) player preparing to take a throw-in


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throw-in (plural throw-ins)

  1. (soccer, rugby, basketball) A set-piece where the ball is thrown back into play
  2. (Australian rules football) A throw of the ball back into play by the boundary umpire. The umpire faces away from the players and throws it in over his or her shoulder (so as to clearly not favour either side by where exactly it's thrown).
  3. (Ireland) the start time of a Gaelic football match, comparable to kick off in other games.
  4. An extra item added free of charge; a product that is thrown in with another.
    • 1999, Mona the Vampire, "The Nefarious Computer Virus" (season 1, episode 2b):
      Salesman: Uh, hey, how about a Skinny Scan 27,000 with a Computer Virus Eradicator as a throw-in?