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A substrate word, close to Ancient Greek τόπος (tópos, place) (cf. darkë vs. δόρπον ‎(dórpon, “supper, dinner; evening”), bajgë vs. βολβός ‎(volvós, “bulb”) etc.), with a proto-form *tò-kʷV- or *tòw-kʷV- (compare the second part of ndërtoj). The alternative form trokë has probably been influenced by truall, plural troje "land, place". An ancient loan from a substrate source, close to Hittite 𒋼𒂊𒃷 (tēkan), [script needed] (tagnās) has also been proposed based on phonetic grounds.


tokë f (indefinite plural tokë, definite singular toka, definite plural tokat)

  1. land, earth, world; ground, floor
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