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track +‎ bed


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trackbed (plural trackbeds)

  1. (rail transport) The foundation of a railway track.
    • 1963 October, G. Freeman Allen and R. K. Evans, “The Japanese National Railways and the New Tokaido Line”, in Modern Railways, page 238:
      Given a mandate to build a new railway from the trackbed up, the Japanese have seized an unpredecented opportunity, not only to apply to its equipment their immense technological resources, but to incorporate in its operational scheme the Utopian concepts which those modernising an existing line can at best realise partially.
  2. (loosely) The land on which a railway was built (especially one that has been closed or dismantled).
    • 2017 March, “What if these lost lines hadn’t closed at all?”, in Rail[1]:
      The trackbed of the majority of the ten miles from Padstow to Boscarne Junction is still intact and used as a cycle way, although the section where the railway once went through Wadebridge has been lost to development.