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The Sabrina I, a tramper.


From tramp +‎ -er.



tramper (plural trampers)

  1. One who tramps.
  2. (chiefly New Zealand) A recreational hiker.
    • 2007, Linda Barnard, "Train trek carries travellers over New Zealand's alpine backbone," Toronto Star, 29 Dec., p. T9:
      It's a popular spot for hikers, or trampers as they call them here.
  3. (manufacturing) A mechanism which pounds material into a more compact form for further processing; found for example in cotton gins and trash processors.
    • 1995, W.S. Anthony, D.W. Van Doorn, and Douglas Herber, “Packaging Lint Cotton”, in Cotton Ginner's Handbook[1], →ISBN, page 123:
      The purpose of the tramper is to pack the lint into the press box under the restraining dogs near the top end of the press box.
  4. (nautical) A ship, typically a bulk freighter, which does not travel on a fixed route; compare liner.
    • 2005, Robert C. Keither, Baltimore Harbor: A Pictorial History[2], →ISBN, page 194:
      A Greek ship wants 30 pounds of feta cheese, a British tramper requests five cases of steak and kidney pies, a Japanese auto carrier orders 75 pints of boiled octopus, []



Middle FrenchEdit



  1. Alternative form of tremper


  • Middle French conjugation varies from one text to another. Hence, the following conjugation should be considered as typical, not as exhaustive.