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trifling (comparative more trifling, superlative most trifling)

  1. Trivial, or of little importance.
    • 2005, Plato, Sophist. Translation by Lesley Brown. 234a.
      [] it doesn't take him long to make any of them, and he sells them for some trifling sum of money.
  2. Idle or frivolous.
  3. (African American Vernacular) Of suspicious character, typically secretive or deceitful; shady.
    • 2001, Glenda Howard, Cita's World
      My hand was aching to slap that silly heifer. I told her to take her trifling ass down to Burger King and get herself a job flipping burgers []


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trifling (plural triflings)

  1. The act of one who trifles; frivolous behaviour.
    • George Croly, Samuel Warren, Marston, or the Memoirs of a Statesman
      He writes on the principle, of course, that in one's dotage we are privileged to return to the triflings of our infancy, and that Downing Street cannot be better employed in these days than as a chapel of ease to Eton.