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Etymology 1Edit

Blend of technology +‎ dweeb.


tweeb (plural tweebs)

  1. (slang) A person who constantly uses technology, e.g. cell phone or tablet.
    • 1987, Bitch - Issue 15:
      Victoria Balfour's recent "Rock Wives", for instance; Bebe, irritated by it, says it falsely depicts her as a tweeb living in seclusion moaning over lost loves.
    • 2000, Michael Piedmonte, Split Land of Liberty, →ISBN, page 56:
      Same couple tweebs slurping their coffees.
    • 2016, M. Evren Tok, ‎Lolwah R. M. Alkhater, ‎& Leslie A. Pal, Policy-Making in a Transformative State: The Case of Qatar, →ISBN, page 109:
      Faisal Al-Marzougi, a regular columnist and a famous tweeb on Twitter, is yet another example.
  2. (slang) A person who does technical work, especially one who is annoying or socially awkward.
    • 2004, Mack Maloney, Superhawks: Strike Force Alpha, →ISBN:
      He took suggestions from his tired band of tweebs.
    • 2009, Kenneth M. Haines, The Lion, the Leopard, and the Bear, →ISBN, page 31:
      There had been a long running dislike between Rankin and Grabinsky; neither cut the other any slack. "Listen you little tweeb, I don't care if he's in the shower -- in bed with his wife -- or taking a crap; put me through to the President NOW!!
    • 2013, Robert J. Lacosta, Gamaliel's Advice: Taking Down God, →ISBN, page 60:
      But we've spent a fortune on lawyers instead of aviation school and wherever this little tweeb is going.

Etymology 2Edit

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tweeb (plural tweebs)

  1. (obsolete, slang) A physician from Morocco.
    • 1810, John Buffa, ‎Stockdale, & ‎Blessington -, Travels Through the Empire of Morocco, page 38:
      I confessed the weight of the encouragement and threats which he held out; and inquiring whether he meant to insinuate, that if the Governor died I should suffer death? and whether they always punished their tweebs thus when they dispatched any of their patients to the other world?
    • 1811, Select Reviews of Literature, and Spirit of Foreign Magazines:
      It was natural that a medical man should examine the state of the art of healing, among the tweebs of Morocco; it is despicable enough: so is that of literature in general.