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ult (plural ults)

  1. (phonology) The final (ultimate) syllable of a word.
  2. (video games, slang) An ultimate; the most powerful ability available to a character.
    • 2015 March 13, Yannick LeJacq, “Why Bard Is Such An Exciting League Of Legends Champion”, in Kotaku[1], archived from the original on 2021-12-09:
      In addition to his healing and teleportion powers, Bard also has a unique ultimate ability, or ult. Ults are the most powerful moves each champion has—the one that takes the longest to unlock in a game, and is activated by pressing "R."
    • 2016 June 2, Paul Tassi, “'Overwatch' Needs Not One, But Two New Support Heroes As Soon As Possible”, in Forbes[2], New York, N.Y.: Forbes Media, →ISSN, →OCLC, archived from the original on 2021-01-17:
      To me, Lucio is the pinnacle of what a support character should be, he's fast, he's fun, he's useful, he can get eliminations and his ult can change the course of a game.
    • 2020 July 22, Puah Ziwei, “'Valorant' patch 1.04 buffs Viper, nerfs Raze and Brimstone”, in NME[3], archived from the original on 2021-04-20:
      On the other hand, notable nerfs have been applied to Raze and Brimstone. The cost for both agents' ultimate abilities, Showstopper and Orbital Strike, respectively, have been increased to seven ult points.
    • 2021 December 1, Michael McWhertor, “Overwatch gets weird with some over-the-top balance changes designed by players”, in Polygon[4], archived from the original on 2023-03-27:
      Those creators (Somjuu, Violet, and Flats) remixed how every hero in Overwatch plays, sometimes dramatically (Lucio's ult can now kill enemies and Sigma's Experimental Barrier is just ... gone) and sometimes superficially (Orisa now wears a Christmas hat).
    • 2022 October 19, Sayantan "BibÖzil" Chowdhury, “"That Naruto moment was really key": League of Legends developers reveal the story behind K'Sante's ultimate”, in Sportskeeda[5], archived from the original on 2022-10-19:
      League of Legends game designer Azubuike "AzuBK" Ndefo-Dahl revealed that K'Sante's ult All Out was heavily inspired by the hugely popular scene from Naruto where Rock Lee drops his leg weight and shocks the audience.
    • 2023 February 8, Ollie Toms, “All the Legend and weapon changes coming to Apex Legends Season 16”, in Rock Paper Shotgun[6], archived from the original on 2023-02-10:
      To improve her team repositioning Ultimate and put in more in line with the power of Valkyrie's Ultimate, Wraith's Interdimensional Portal can now cross twice the distance it could before. What's more, Wraith herself will speed up as she moves during her Ult.

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