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  1. simple past and past participle of undercook

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undercooked (comparative more undercooked, superlative most undercooked)

  1. Insufficiently cooked, so as to be unpalatable or inedible.
    I can't eat this chicken – it's undercooked.
  2. Very lightly cooked.
    • 1987 April, “Restaurants”, in Orange Coast Magazine, volume 13, number 4, page 80:
      For the main course, order any of the fresh fish from the blackboard; the swordfish is always wonderful (and nicely undercooked, unless you specify otherwise).
    • 2008, Robert D. Temple, Edge Effects: The Border-name Places, page 214:
      The yellowfin tuna at a seaside restaurant is nicely undercooked.
    • 2020, Harold Fickett, The Holy Fool: A Novel, page 127:
      She had fixed me a light supper — perfectly undercooked scrambled eggs, rye toast, a sliced orange, and a wedge of gouda cheese.
    The broccoli was nicely undercooked.
  3. (figurative) Done with insufficient energy, enthusiasm, etc.
    His stage portrayal of Hamlet was distinctly undercooked.

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