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From under- +‎ threshold, probably a calque of German unterschwellig (subliminal, literally under-threshold), from unter- (under-) + Schwelle (threshold). More at under, sill.


underthreshold (comparative more underthreshold, superlative most underthreshold)

  1. Positioned below a threshold.
  2. Being below the threshold or outside of the ordinary limits of consciousness; subconscious; subliminal.
    • 1913, Edward Ebenezer Weaver, Mind and health:
      The notion "underthreshold" is to be explained as all that which is under the ordinary threshold or outside the customary bounds of consciousness; [...]
    • 1986, Hormonal ensemble in exercise:
      Accordingly, it represents an underthreshold load in trained persons, and no endocrine response was observed.
    • 2003, Vincenzo Capasso, Mathematical modelling & computing in biology and medicine:
      In this way it is possible to describe the underthreshold membrane behavior of a neuron distinguishing the effects of synapses located in the main dendritic tree or near the trigger zone.