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un- +‎ power


unpower (uncountable)

  1. Lack of power; weakness.
    • 1995, Kenneth Maly, The Path of Archaic Thinking:
      Paradoxically, it is this unpower that proceeds to produce the suppressive superpower of metaphysics and that inscribes in Sallis' s work or in his "deconstructive" strategy — I would even say, in his hyperdeconstructive strategy — [...]
    • 1996, Bradley S. Epps, Significant violence:
      I have referred to Makbara 's (lost) inspiration as 'unpower', a term that I take from Derrida's reading of Artaud. As Derrida explains, unpower is not simply a lack of power, not merely impotence or verbal sterility; unpower is actually inspiration [...]
    • 2015, Hent de Vries, ‎Nils F. Schott, Love and Forgiveness for a More Just World:
      But what does it mean to question the question of the principle of reason? Here, it seems to me, we may risk introducing the concept (but is it a concept?) of unpower.
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unpower (third-person singular simple present unpowers, present participle unpowering, simple past and past participle unpowered)

  1. (transitive) To remove the power from; power down or power off
    • 2010, Deron Rennick, The Webscrolls of Dim Sorcery:
      “Desperate to retrieve the webscrolls and unpower the staff, which could only be done by tossing it into The Saline Sea, [...]”

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