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From Middle French vehemence, from Latin vehementia (eagerness, strength), from vehemens (eager).

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vehemence (usually uncountable, plural vehemences)

  1. An intense concentration, force or power.
    The bear attacked with vengeance and vehemence.
  2. A wild or turbulent ferocity or fury.
    His response was bursting with hatred and vehemence.
    • 2016 February 6, Israel’s prickliness blocks the long quest for peace, “The National”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1]:
      This worrisome tendency was on display in recent weeks as Israelis reacted with striking vehemence to remarks by UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, and US ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro.
  3. Eagerness, fervor, excessive strong feeling.

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