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concentrate +‎ -ion



concentration (usually uncountable, plural concentrations)

  1. The act, process or ability of concentrating; the process of becoming concentrated, or the state of being concentrated.
    1. The direction of attention to a specific object.
    2. The act, process or product of reducing the volume of a liquid, as by evaporation.
    3. The act or process of removing the dress of ore and of reducing the valuable part to smaller compass, as by currents of air or water.
  2. A field or course of study on which one focuses, especially as a student in a college or university.
  3. The proportion of a substance in a whole.
    • 2013 July-August, Philip J. Bushnell, “Solvents, Ethanol, Car Crashes & Tolerance”, in American Scientist:
      Surprisingly, this analysis revealed that acute exposure to solvent vapors at concentrations below those associated with long-term effects appears to increase the risk of a fatal automobile accident. Furthermore, this increase in risk is comparable to the risk of death from leukemia after long-term exposure to benzene, another solvent, which has the well-known property of causing this type of cancer.
    1. (chemistry) The amount of solute in a solution measured in suitable units (e.g., parts per million (ppm))
  4. The matching game pelmanism.

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First attested 1732 concentrer +‎ -ation.


concentration f (plural concentrations)

  1. concentration (mental state of being concentrated)
  2. concentration (quality of being concentrated)
    la concentration de sucre
    the concentration of sugar

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