From vīnum (wine) +‎ dēmō (take away) +‎ -ia (noun-forming suffix).



vī̆ndēmia f (genitive vī̆ndēmiae); first declension

  1. a grape-gathering, vintage


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative vī̆ndēmia vī̆ndēmiae
Genitive vī̆ndēmiae vī̆ndēmiārum
Dative vī̆ndēmiae vī̆ndēmiīs
Accusative vī̆ndēmiam vī̆ndēmiās
Ablative vī̆ndēmiā vī̆ndēmiīs
Vocative vī̆ndēmia vī̆ndēmiae

Derived termsEdit



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