A blend of volunteer +‎ tell.


voluntell (third-person singular simple present voluntells, present participle voluntelling, simple past and past participle voluntold)

  1. (transitive, often humorous) To tell or force someone to do something as if voluntary; force someone to volunteer.
    • 2005, Frank Schaeffer, Voices from the Front:
      I just found out that I was "voluntold" [Marine - speak for a combination of volunteered and told — FS] to stay back for a working party.
    • 2007, Clint Van Winkle, Soft Spots:
      The threat of being volunteered (voluntold) for working parties always loomed.
    • 2010, Jonathan Acuff, Stuff Christians Like:
      Studies I completely made up show that 84 percent of voluntold incidents originate with your parents or your spouse.
    • 2012, C4 - Explosive Leadership Tactics
      Sometimes you have to Voluntell. I am sure that we've all run into a situation like this one: "I need a volunteer to fill a position (take on additional responsibility, lead an activity, etc etc etc)."