vous autres


Alternative formsEdit


See vous and autre. Compare Asturian vosotros, Catalan vosaltres, Galician vosoutros, Italian voialtri, Occitan vosautres, Spanish vosotros, all of identical meanings.



vous autres ?

  1. You; ye: second-person plural pronoun.

Usage notesEdit

In Louisiana French, where the use of vous is generally very restricted, this is the usual form of the second-person plural pronoun, corresponding to Southern American English y'all. Despite being always plural in meaning, vous-autres is used with third-person singular forms of the verb to form statements and questions:

Vous-autres est trop de bonne heure.Y'all are too early.
Vous-autres veut boire du pop ou quelque chose?Do y'all want to drink some pop or something?

In commands, the verb takes the same endings as for vous and the reflexive pronoun is vous-autres:

Coupez vous-autres pas!Don't cut yourselves!

Otherwise (with singular verbs), the reflexive pronoun se is used:

Vous-autres se rappelle de ça?Do y'all remember that?