Spanish edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

vuestra (your) + merced (mercy)

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): (Spain) /ˌbwestɾa meɾˈθed/ [ˌbwes.t̪ɾa meɾˈθeð̞]
  • IPA(key): (Latin America) /ˌbwestɾa meɾˈsed/ [ˌbwes.t̪ɾa meɾˈseð̞]
  • Syllabification: vues‧tra mer‧ced

Pronoun edit

vuestra merced (plural vuestras mercedes)

  1. (archaic, formal) your grace; your mercy; your worship; you

Usage notes edit

  • Like the modern equivalents usted, Portuguese você and the English equivalent your grace, the pronoun vuestra merced is formal and semantically second person singular, but grammatically third person singular.