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wedding +‎ -zilla


weddingzilla (plural weddingzillas)

  1. (humorous, often attributive) A person overly concerned with ensuring that a wedding goes exactly as they envision it.
    • 2007 November 6, alanG, “Audreh SNUK”, in, Usenet[1]:
      She wasn't in the family gathering to see Sarah's weddingzilla dress burn.
    • 2012, Amy Alkon, "Advice goddess", Colorado Springs Independent, 11 April 2012:
      It can be hard for a man to understand how an otherwise sweet and reasonable woman can go all weddingzilla: "My dress must have a 50-foot train, trimmed with the skins of puppies!"
    • 2013, Megan Garber, "We Have Ourselves a Groomzilla", The Atlantic, 23 April 2013:
      At least he's making Weddingzilla-ism slightly more of an equal-opportunity affair.



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