English edit

Etymology edit

weird +‎ -ly

Adverb edit

weirdly (comparative more weirdly, superlative most weirdly)

  1. (manner) In a weird manner.
    The teacher suspected he was on drugs because he was behaving weirdly.
    She wore a necklace strung with weirdly-shaped pearls.
  2. (evaluative) Contrary to expectations.
    Weirdly, Alice showed up 10 minutes early. She was usually late for everything.
    The roughness of the wool was weirdly pleasant.

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Anagrams edit

Scots edit

Etymology edit

weird (fate, fortune, destiny) +‎ -ly

Adjective edit

weirdly (comparative mair weirdly, superlative maist weirdly)

  1. lucky, of prosperous or sinister fate, magical, eerie, dismal