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write +‎ -able



writable (comparative more writable, superlative most writable)

  1. Capable of being written.
    Are sign languages writable?
  2. (computing, of a file, storage device, etc.) Capable of being written to.
    The file is writable only for users in the admin group.
    I burned my family's vacation photos onto a writable CD.
    • 2013, Patrick Alessi, Professional iOS Database Application Programming
      The following code snippet shows how to check whether a writable database already exists, and if not, create an editable copy.
  3. (programming) mutable
    • 2009, Randi J. Rost, ‎Bill M. Licea-Kane, ‎Dan Ginsburg, OpenGL Shading Language
      In general, writable variables must have unique instances per processor executing a shader and therefore cannot be shared.


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