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See also: bulle and bullé



Etymology 1Edit

From German Low German. More at bull.


Bulle m (genitive Bullen, plural Bullen)

  1. bull (male cattle).
  2. (figuratively) bull (a strong or stout man)
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

Documented since the 19th century. Probably from Polizist (or an abbreviation thereof), whose first syllable may in some dialects have become homophonous to Bulle. — Another possibility is a derivation from Puller or Landpuller, a non-derogatory term for a policeman of the 18th century.


Bulle m (genitive Bullen, plural Bullen)

  1. (mildly pejorative) police officer, cop, pig
Usage notesEdit

Although the word is only mildly pejorative in colloquial speech, it is punishable in Germany to use it towards or in reference to a police officer on duty.

Related termsEdit

Etymology 3Edit

From Latin bulla "seal capsule", originally meaning "ball, bullet".


Bulle f (genitive Bulle, plural Bullen)

  1. Bull (papal decree).