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auto- "self" + -onym "name"


autonym (plural autonyms)

  1. (taxonomy) An infraspecific name in which the species epithet is repeated.
  2. (linguistics, anthropology) A name used by a group or category of people to refer to themselves or their language, as opposed to a name given to them by other groups.
    Deutsche is the autonym of the people known in English as Germans.
  3. The true name of a person or other entity, especially an author.
    • 1900, Mr. Barnwell, "Cataloging Roundtable", in Library Journal, page 157
      My reason for opposing is that I think, as a general principle, the heading of the main entry of the book should be in the form in which the book itself is published; that is, if it is published under an autonym let the autonym be given, if under a pseudonym, then let the pseudonym be given, and if the book be anonymous, then let the fact be stated.



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