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batsman (plural batsmen)

  1. (cricket) A player of the batting side now on the field
  2. (cricket) The player now receiving strike; the striker
    2001: The batsman, Kathryn Leng, (who has played for quite a few years for England) asked the umpire dumbfounded if Charlie was going to bowl with a helmet on.Julia Price (Australian cricketer), her women's Ashes diary entry for 19 June 2001 [1]
  3. (cricket) Any player selected for his or her team principally to bat, as opposed to a bowler

Usage notesEdit

  • The term batsman is applied to both male and female cricketers; batswoman is much rarer.
  • Both batsman and batter can be used to refer to either cricketers or baseball players; cricketers are usually referred to as batsman and baseball players are usually referred to as batters.

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