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Alternative formsEdit


  • IPA(key): /ˈælːøs/, [ˈælːø̞s̠]
  • Rhymes: -ælːøs
  • Syllabification: äl‧lös



  1. (archaic, poetic) The second-person singular optative present form of the negative verb (negation verb), partially synonymous with älä, but it is more polite and subtle.
    Ällös pelkää, ystäväiseni.
    (Oh,) fear not, my little friend.

Usage notesEdit

  • This archaic verb form is used mainly in poetry, nowadays even more rarely there. If used in standard Finnish, it has a jocular and playful sense.


  • The negation verb has no infinitive form.
  • Indicative, conditional and potential moods use the indicative forms (stem e-), for which the verb is conjugated only in person.
  • In the imperative mood the negation verb has the stem äl-.
  • An archaic optative mood exists and is used mainly in poetry.
person indicative mood imperative mood optative mood
1st sing. en (älkääni, älkäämi) (ällön)
2nd sing. et älä (ällös)
3rd sing. ei älköön (älköön)
1st plur. emme älkäämme (älköömme)
2nd plur. ette älkää (älköötte)
3rd plur. eivät älkööt (älkööt)