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úgy +‎ is


  • IPA(key): [ˈuːɟiʃ]
  • Hyphenation: úgyis


úgyis (not comparable)

  1. anyway, without further action needed, in any case, whatever happens, regardless of any action, one way or another
    Ne keseregj, ennek már úgyis vége. - Don't be sad, it's already ended after all.
    Minek kérdezed, ha úgyis tudod? - Why do you ask if you already know it anyway?
    Úgyis mi nyerünk! - We will win, whatever happens!
  2. after all, by the way, for sure, anyway
    Nem nyertünk, de úgyis az a lényeg, hogy ott voltunk. - We did not win, but after all the important part is that we were there.
    Menjünk el velük az étterembe, úgyis rég voltunk már! - Let's join them to the restaurant, we haven't been there in a long time, that's for sure/anyway.
    Megnézhetjük a szobrot is, úgyis ott van közel. - We could take a look at the statue, too, it's quite close anyway.
    Ha már úgyis bemegyünk a városba, akkor bevásárolhatnánk. - By the way if we already go in the city anyway, then we could also do the shopping.

Usage notesEdit

As shown in the examples, úgyis can be used in the sense "by the way, after all" to provide an argument in favor of something, for example when doing this something will not be a big issue in addition to the already fixed reason; the fixed thing makes it easier to do (or makes one already want to do it), and hence may make one decide positively about it.