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Borrowed from Romani čiriklo (bird, sparrow; háček); compare ̼ (seagull).




  1. (rare, only in reference to the diacritic’s use in Romani) A háček (marking palatalisation when written atop a consonant, iotation when written atop a vowel).
    • 1990, Roma XXXIII–XXXIV, page 43
      Preyotization is indicated by means of the “čiriklo” ˇ.
    • 1995, Yaron Matras (editor), Romani in Contact, page 197
      Palatalisation of d, l, n, t is marked only by a čiriklo (ˇ) (term coined by M. Courtiade).
    • 1997, Victor A. Friedman, “Linguistic form and content in the Romani-language press of the Republic of Macedonia” in The Typology and Dialectology of Romani, eds. Yaron Matras, Peter Bakker, and Hristo Kyuchukov, page 185
      RS follows standard East European practice of using the wedge (haček, čiriklo) to indicate the strident palatals (š, ž, č, dž).
    • 2003, Victor A. Friedman, Turkish in Macedonia and Beyond, page 157
      j or haček (čiriklo) over following vowel
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:čiriklo.