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Ēģipte (Āfrikā)
Ēģiptes karogs


Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Latin Ægyptus, itself a borrowing from Ancient Greek Αἴγυπτος (Aíguptos), from Late Egyptian Hikuptah “Memphis,” from Middle Egyptian ḥȝ.t kȝ ptḥ (Ḥaʔat-Kuʔ-Patāḥa), literally, “Temple of the Soul of Ptah,” initially referring to Ptah's temple in the city of Memphis, a capital during the Middle Kingdom.


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Proper nounEdit

Ēģipte f (5th declension)

  1. Egypt (country in northwestern Africa, with Cairo as its capital)
    Ēģiptes karogs‎ ― the flag of Egypt
    Ēģiptē ir sauss klimats‎ ― (there) is dry climate in Egypt (= the climate of Egypt is dry)
    nozīmīgs Ēģiptes dabas resurss ir Nīlas upe‎ ― an important natural resource of Egypt is the Nile river
  2. (historical) Egypt (civilization which flourished along the Nile river in Antiquity)
  3. Egypt (a village in Latvia, near the border with Lithuania)
    'Ēģipte ir ciems Daugavpils novada Medumu pagastā‎ ― Egypt is a village in the Medumi parish of the Daugavpils municipality



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