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ņiprs (def. ņiprais, comp. ņiprāks, sup. visņiprākais; adv. ņipri)

  1. nimble, brisk, agile; healthy, physically well developed; mobile, active; jolly, jaunty
    ņiprs puikabrisk boy
    ņipras kustībasbrisk movements
    ņipras acisbrisk eyes
    ņipras rokasstrong, agile arms, hands
    pensionāre vēl tagad pilna ar pulveri; tiešām ugunīga, tāda kaulaina, bet ņipra — the retired (late) is still (despite her age) full of powder (= active); really fiery, a little scrawny, but nimble, brisk
    kājas vecajai kalēja Dārtai ņipras kā jaunai skuķei — the legs of the blacksmith's old Dārta (= wife's name) (are) nimble, agile like those of a young woman



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