ˈ U+02C8, ˈ
Spacing Modifier Letters ˉ

Translingual edit

Symbol edit


  1. (IPA) primary stress.
  2. (phonetics) a mid floating tone (when the macron is used for vowel length) or a high-mid floating tone (when the macron is used for tone).

Usage notes edit

(IPA): The stress mark is placed before the stressed syllable. Rarely it may occur immediately before the vowel of the stressed syllable, but this is not standard IPA usage.

It may be doubled, ⟨ˈˈ⟩, for extra stress, e.g. prosodic stress on a word. For English, however, /ˈˈ/ is typically analyzed as primary stress and written ⟨ˈ⟩, while /ˈ/ is analyzed as secondary stress and (along with some non-stressed syllables) written ⟨ˌ⟩.

(tone): When this symbol is used for tone, normally either the language does not have stress, or something else will be used to mark it.

See also edit

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