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From Proto-Hellenic *dunamai, from Proto-Indo-European *dewh₂-.

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Verb edit

δῠ́νᾰμαι (dúnamai); deponent

  1. (with infinitive) to be able, capable, strong enough to do, can
    1. (of moral possibility) to be able, to dare, to bear to do
    2. (with ὡς (hōs) and a superlative) as much as one can
  2. to pass for
    1. (of money) to be worth
    2. (of numbers) to be equivalent, to equal
    3. (of words) to signify, mean
    4. (as a mathematical term) to be the root of a square number, to be the side of a square
  3. (impersonal) it is possible, it can be

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