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Ancient GreekEdit


From πρό (pró, before) +‎ βάλλω (bállō, throw, cast)




προβᾰ́λλω (probállō)

  1. (active)
    1. to throw or lay before, throw to
    2. to put forward as a defense
      1. to put forward, begin
      2. to put forward as an argument or plea
      3. to put forward or propose for an office
      4. to propose a question, task, problem, riddle
      5. to put forth beyond
    3. to expose, give up
    4. to send forth, emit
    5. (intransitive) to fall forward
      • Scholium on Aristophanes' Birds 487
  2. (medium and perfect passive)
    1. to throw or toss before one, to throw away, expose
      1. to lay before or first
      2. to set before oneself, propose to oneself
      3. to put forward, propose for election
    2. to throw beyond, beat in throwing; to surpass, excel
    3. to hold before oneself so as to protect
      • Tyrtaeus 12.3
      1. (metaphoric) to put forward
        1. to bring forward or cite on one's own part, in defense
      2. to put before
        • The Histories, 3.72,9
    4. (Attic law) to accuse a person before the Ecclesia by the process called προβολή (probolḗ), literally to present him as guilty of the offense


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