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Ancient GreekEdit


From σοφίζω (sophízō, to become wise) +‎ -τής (-tḗs), from σοφός (sophós, wise).




σοφῐστής (sophistḗsm (genitive σοφῐστοῦ); first declension (Attic, Ionic, Koine)

  1. A master of one's craft
  2. One who is wise, prudent, a philosopher
  3. teacher, tutor
  4. (slang, derogatory) One who makes a profit off of false wisdom: cheat, swindler

Usage notesEdit

The reputation of the teachers at Athens came into decline in the fifth century BC, and thus came the connotation of cheat. This varies with time in relation to the general approval or disapproval of the paid teachers.


Derived termsEdit

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and see at σοφός (sophós, wise)


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