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From об- (ob-) +‎ ганя́ти (hanjáty). Compare Russian обгоня́ть (obgonjátʹ), Belarusian абганя́ць (abhanjácʹ).

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Verb edit

обганя́ти (obhanjátyimpf (perfective обігна́ти)

  1. (transitive, literally or figuratively) to outdistance, to outrun, to outstrip, to overtake
    Synonyms: випереджа́ти impf (vyperedžáty), переганя́ти impf (perehanjáty), (rare) обго́нити impf (obhónyty)

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обганя́ти (obhanjátypf

  1. (transitive, colloquial) Synonym of оббі́гати pf (obbíhaty).

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