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    Cardinal: пятьдеся́т (pjatʹdesját)
    Ordinal: пятидеся́тый (pjatidesjátyj)
    Ordinal abbreviation: 50-ый (50-yj)

Etymology edit

Compounded from пять (pjatʹ) +‎ де́сять (désjatʹ), literally five tens. Де́сят was the Old East Slavic genitive plural, which is required by numbers пять (pjatʹ, 5) and up.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [pʲɪdʲ(ː)ɪˈsʲat]
  • (file)
  • (colloquial or fast speech) IPA(key): [pʲɪ(j)ɪˈsʲat] (phonetic respelling: пееся́т)

Numeral edit

пятьдеся́т (pjatʹdesját)

  1. fifty (50)

Usage notes edit

пятьдесят (pjatʹdesjat) in the nominative case and accusative case governs the genitive plural of the noun. In other cases, it governs the corresponding plural case of the noun.

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