восемьдесят восемь

Russian edit

Russian numbers (edit)
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    Cardinal: во́семьдесят во́семь (vósemʹdesjat vósemʹ)
    Ordinal: во́семьдесят восьмо́й (vósemʹdesjat vosʹmój)
    Ordinal abbreviation: 88-ый (88-yj)

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [ˈvosʲɪmʲdʲɪsʲɪt ˈvosʲɪmʲ]
  • IPA(key): [ˈvosʲɪmdʲɪsʲɪt ˈvosʲɪmʲ] (phonetic respelling: во́семдесят во́семь)

Numeral edit

во́семьдесят во́семь (vósemʹdesjat vósemʹ)

  1. eighty-eight (88)

Usage notes edit

  • во́семьдесят во́семь in the nominative and accusative case governs the genitive plural of the noun. There is no animate/inanimate distinction.
  • во́семьдесят во́семь in other cases governs the appropriate plural case of the noun.

Declension edit

Coordinate terms edit