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Mongolian edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Classical Mongolian ᠬᠢᠲᠠᠳ (kitad, the Chinese; a Chinese), which had been semantically collectivised (and further singulated, for the sense of person) from Middle Mongol 乞塔惕 (kitad, the Khitans), in plural suffix -d.

Conpare also Khamnigan Mongol китад (kitad), Buryat хитад (xitad), and Kalmyk китд (kitd).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [xʲɐ.ʰtɜ̆t]
  • Hyphenation: хя‧тад

Noun edit

хятад (xjatad)

  1. (attributively) Chinese, ethnic Han
    хятад үндэстэнxjatad ündestenthe Han nationality
    хятад хүнxjatad xüna Chinese person
    хятад хэлxjatad xelthe Chinese language
    хятад цаасxjatad caasChinese paper
    хятад ханзxjatad xanzthe Chinese characters; Hanzi
  2. a Chinese, an ethnic Han (person)
    хятадуудxjataduudthe Chinese (in the plural)

Declension edit

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