Etymology 1Edit

From Proto-Semitic *ʾimm-



אֵם (emf (plural indefinite אימהות \ אִמָּהוֹת‎, singular construct אֵם־, masculine counterpart אָב‎) [pattern: קֵטֶל]

  1. (formal or dated) mother (one’s female parent)
  2. mother, feminine originator or codifier (as in "the mother of all battles")


Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Semitic *šim.


אִם (im)

  1. if, whether
    אם תצליחי או לא נהיה איתך.‎‎
    im tatslikhí o lo nihyé itákh.
    Whether you (f) succeed or not we will be with you.
  2. in case, if
    אִם אַתָּה רוֹצֶה, אֲנִי אוּכַל לָבוֹא מָחָר.‎‎
    im atá rotsé, aní ukhál lavó makhár.
    If you want, I can come tomorrow.
  3. or
Usage notesEdit
  • Unlike English if, future tense commonly occurs after אִם (im).