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Etymology 1Edit

From Proto-Semitic *ʾimm-



אֵם (emf (plural indefinite אימהות \ אִמָּהוֹת, singular construct אֵם־, masculine counterpart אָב) [pattern: קֵטֶל]

  1. (formal or dated) mother (one’s female parent)
  2. mother (as in "the mother of all battles")


Etymology 2Edit

Cognate to Arabic إِنْ (ʾin).


אִם (im)

  1. if, whether
    אם תצליחי או לא נהיה איתך.‏
    im tatslikhí o lo nihyé itákh.
    Whether you succeed or not we will be with [feminine] you.
  2. in case, if
    אִם אַתָּה רוֹצֶה, אֲנִי אוּכַל לָבוֹא מָחָר.‏
    im atá rotsé, aní ukhál lavó makhár.
    If you want, I can come tomorrow.
  3. or
Usage notesEdit
  • Unlike English if, future tense commonly occurs after אִם (im).